How to Right Click on Chrome Remote Desktop Session


It is very easy and straight-forward to perform right click action on Chrome Remote Desktop. Here’s how you can do so:

On Android Devices

If you are using Android device, simply tap the screen with two fingers, and it will send right click command to the host system.

On iOS Devices

First enable the Trackpad mode in the app on your iOS device.

Once trackpad mode is enable, you can do right click action by tapping the screen with two fingers on your iOS device.

In case you are having issues with Chrome Remote Desktop not responding or working, check our guide to fix it.

Did you know? One of the greatest benefits of Chrome Remote Desktop is that is works in Google Chrome which is available for all platforms – iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

If you are new to Chrome Remote Desktop, we recommend that you check out its official help guide to get most out of it.

So that is how you can perform right click operation on Chrome Remote Desktop on Android and iOS devices. We hope you found our this guide useful!