Steam Disk Read Error


Steam’s disk read error occurs when you are updating or installing a game.

Granting the Permissions:

  • Open the Steam folder and go to the logs folder. Right-click the file named ‘content_log.txt’ and open it with text editor.
  • Press ‘CTRL + F‘ to open Find. Type ‘Disk read failure‘ and hit Enter. It will highlight it for you.
  • If you can’t make it work, look for the line that has the ‘Disk read failure‘ at the end.
  • Now read this line from the start and locate this file. This is the file that is causing this error.
  • This file will probably be stored in “Steam\steamapps“, or it could be here – ‘steamapps\Common‘ folder.

Once you have located the file, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Right-click the file and go here:
    Properties > Security > Edit > Add > Advanced > Find Now
  • After clicking the Find Now button, a list will appear at the bottom.
  • Choose the one with your PC’s name (not the administrator one), click on OK and check the ‘Full Control‘ box.
  • Press on OK on all the previously opened windows to save the changes.

Alternative Method:

  • After locating the file, make a backup of it, and then rename it or delete it.
  • Launch Steam and access your Library, then right-click the game that is causing the issue.
  • Select Properties, head to ‘Local Files‘ tab, and click the ‘Verify Integrity of Game Files‘ option.

This will force Steam to redownload that file.