Fix GlobalProtect Not Connecting or Connection Failed Issue


Normally, when GlobalProtect is unable to recognize the portal address, it won’t connect.

The symptoms of this error are that the connect button inside the app won’t respond.

Secondly, you might get an error message which states “Connection Failed: Could not connect to the GlobalProtect Gateway. Please contact your IT administrator.”

There are 2 methods to fix GlobalProtect not connecting issue or connection failed issues [applicable to both Windows and Mac].

Fix # 1: Delete and Re-add Portal Information

Step 1: Access GlobalProtect from the system tray in Windows or menu bar on Mac.

Step 2: Open Settings in GlobalProtect. You can access it by clicking on the three-horizontal lines icon.

Step 3: Go to General tab in Setting and look for Portals. Select the existing entry, and then click on Delete button at the bottom.

Step 4: Close the settings window.

Step 5: Now open the GlobalProtect again. It will ask you for portal address. Add the portal address provided to you by your network administrator, and click on Connect.

Fix # 2: Uninstall and Re-Install GlobalProtect

If the above method does not work and you are still unable to connect the GlobalProtect or getting connection failed error, then try deleting and then fresh installing the app again.

After uninstallation, download the fresh installer copy and re-install. On first launch, you will be asked for configuration details, such as portal info etc. which you can get from your administrator.