Shortcuts to Minimize All Opened Applications Windows in macOS


Although macOS provides option “yellow button with minus” on the top left of each opened window to minimize it, doing this manually for multiple opened application windows cannot be productive.

So this is where shortcuts comes handy!

Shortcut for Minimizing All Opened Window to go to Desktop

If you have multiple applications such as Chrome, Microsoft Excel opened on your Mac, and you want to just get to the desktop, then use the following shortcut:

Hold Option and Command Keys on your keyboard and then click anywhere on your Mac desktop using mouse.

Shortcut for Minimizing All Windows Except Active One

If you want to keep the active application window on your Mac, and minimise all others, then use this shortcut keys:

Press Option + Command + H keys on your keyboard together.

Example: Say, if you have Google Chrome, Notepad and Safari opened on your Mac, and you are working on Chrome, then pressing above shortcut keys will only retain Chrome while minimizing Safari and Notepad.

Shortcut for Minimizing Similar Application Windows

If you have multiple Chrome windows opened on your Mac alongside other applications, and you want to minimize all the windows of Chrome, then use following shortcut keys combination:

Press Option + Command + M on your keyboard together.

This combination comes very handy when you want to minimize only similar application windows on your Mac.