How to Fix Zoom Remote Control Option Not Showing Up


Zoom has remote control feature which allow you to remotely control computer of participant. If this option is missing/not showing up in Zoom settings, try this fix to quickly resolve it.

Where is Remote Control Option in Zoom?

If everything is fine with Zoom at your end, then here’s how you can access the remote control feature option:

  1. Sign-in to Zoom web portal as admin.
  2. Go to User Management -> Group Management.
  3. Select the group and then click on Meeting. There, you will see “Remote control” toggle.

You need to be granted permission from user whose computer you want to remotely control using Zoom.

Restart & Re-Install Zoom

If you do not see the remote control option in its location above, then it is probably because of issue with Zoom application installation of your computer, or its cache.

Step 1: Uninstall Zoom on your computer.

Step 2: After uninstallation, restart your computer to clear cache.

Step 3: Now, download latest version of zoom from here: