Guide on Repairing Steam


If you are experiencing issues on Steam and want to get it fixed without reinstalling it, there is a workaround for it. In this way, you won’t have to download your games again.

Fix 1. Verifying Integrity of Game Files:

This utility of Steam rechecks the downloaded files and fixes any corrupted files.

  • Open Steam and access your Library.
  • Right-click the game that is causing this issue, and select ‘Properties‘.
  • Select ‘Local Files‘ from the left-pane and click on ‘Verify integrity of game files‘.

Fix 2. Repairing Steam’s Library Folder:

Repairing the library folder will fix the corrupted files, if there are any.

  • Open Steam and click on the Steam logo at the top-left corner. Then select Settings.
  • Go to Storage from the left-pane.
  • Select the drive where the game causing the error is installed.
  • Click on the three horizontal dots towards the right-side of your drive/s, and select the ‘Repair Library‘ option.

Fix 3. Refreshing Steam:

Removing some of the files of Steam will cause these files to be redownloaded. This way, Steam files will be refreshed.

  • Head to your Steam Installation directory, the default location is:
    C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam
  • Delete all the files except userdata, Steam.exe and Steamapps.
  • Reboot your PC, then launch Steam.